A Mama Minute – NICOLE

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“I was fun. I was everything to everyone and everyone’s best friend and I instantly clicked with people. I’m a very social [person] and I feel like I still am but just to a select few people. Obviously in Motherhood you find your group of moms and those are your people and in that you have to select the ones that you personally get along with, not just your kids. So just like in adult life, instead of counting friends you just collect the few you have. So I think that person is still me but with just not as many friends. I’m still fun but I do more fun things for kids.”

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A Mama Minute – RACHEL

“I guess that it’s just all-consuming. It is an all consuming 24/7 job and it IS work. I think there are so many jobs where people are respected on a different level, whether it’s creative work or anything in the professional field but Motherhood is kind of seen as this thing that is just your duty and it’s expected. And there are so many Mothers, most Mothers, who are just going over and beyond 110% of the time that I think there is just so much invisible work that we do.” ✨

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A Mama Minute – ROBYN

“I made the decision to stay home after a 15 yr career in advertising so it was tough… I didn’t know that it would entail a lot of loneliness and a lot of…you feel like you’re boring a lot. Like you know you’re not boring but like you are really boring. And then you don’t have the time to make yourself less boring. So then you’re mad at everyone else for not thinking you’re interesting but then mad that they’re not taking your kids so that you can be more interesting. And then when you have the time to be interesting you’re too tired so you drink wine and watch Netflix. So I didn’t know how emotional it would be.”

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A Mama Minute – KARIMA

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“How I managed their diagnosis (her daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and her son with Tourette’s Syndrome)…in terms of what I had to do. And I think the more calm and matter of fact I was about it the more success I had in getting them the help they needed. And just fighting for them. I was always such a, you know, I’m still not a big confrontational person but I was always a kind of passive, I don’t want to say anything, I would never even think of telling a doctor something thing they did was wrong and then when it came to them I was like a different person. And I learned if you don’t ask, you don’t get and that was really kind of crazy and heartbreaking because you think of people who don’t have access to stuff or have a language barrier. There was so much I had to figure out just trial and error.”

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