A Mama Minute — CASEY

“Between when Chloe was born I had 8 surgeries. Before she was born in 2015 was my first big surgery when my appendix ruptured and then 2 weeks later my gallbladder ruptured which we now all believe has to do with Lyme and the Endometriosis. So that’s kind of when my journey started. Adenomyosis, that’s the other condition I have, that’s the actual uterus condition. For me that was the most painful. I’ll never forget the night I got my hysterectomy, the pain was equal to labor or worse I would say on a daily basis. I would wake up – I remember my mom had to live with us for a while because I would wake up, have the pills next to my bed to even get out of bed, take them and then I’d crawl to the bathroom, get her out of bed. I mean, it’s just a horrible disease that so many women suffer from. 1 out of 10 have endometriosis.”

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