A Mama Minute — JULIE

“It’s made me more morbid. My husband will come home and I’ll be crying and he’s like “what happened?” and I’m like “you know I’m gonna die some day and he’s gonna be left all alone” and he’s like “omg you can’t think like that”. I had a really hard hard time with intrusive thoughts. Postpartum anxiety.  I had to go to therapy for it and one of the things I learned [to help] intrusive thoughts was it’s an actual moving meditation to say “I’m not going to make meaning of that thought”. It’s easy to meditate when you have quiet and no kid but taking that practice, that’s what it’s about right, moving it into real life even if it’s really hard –  it kind of takes it to the next level.”

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A Mama Minute – JENNY C

“Moving my body physically. Teaching lights me up. *(Many of our favorite @Soulcycle instructor!)* I didn’t realize how much I missed teaching till I wasn’t doing it and then I went from teaching 13 classes to 3. And those 3 hours a week when I’m on the microphone, on the podium, instructing are the times when I truly feel the most myself. I feel like Jenny C, like no one but her is up there. And I feel free and important but in a different way, because you know you’re important as a mom but it’s different when you’re around strangers and you’re trying to help people live their best lives and believe in themselves and lay that foundation for something bigger than they can even imagine for themselves. That’s when I feel the best”

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A Mama Minute – LIZ

“…the burden of Motherhood…we wear so many hats and we have so many jobs. As a mom usually you’re the one who has to call off work when your kid is sick and take care of them. I think it’s just kind of a cultural thing…we are just expected to carry that burden and that weight. We’re the homeschool teachers…we’re so many different things while still trying to meet career goals and personal goals and find time to work out and it’s like how do you pack all these things in and find all this time and still feel like you’re being a good mom and the best version of yourself? You know, we always talk about balance and I don’t really know that there is the right balance or if you’ll ever find balance.”

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A Mama Minute – LIZA

“The biggest struggle has been working mom…I don’t have actual help and I’ve been working since the hospital part-time because working is really important to me and it’s an important part of my identity and trying to figure that out has been hard. And the other, it’s a different relationship with your husband, you know. It’s a new challenge. You’ve got to figure out who’s going to help, how they’re going to help. How this third person fits in when you didn’t have a third person before. Those two – because those two are who Liza is without the baby, right? Competing that with who Liza is as a mother with the baby.”

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