A Mama Minute – JUDIT

“The unknown. The unknown of everything. You actually never know when it will happen. We waited 15 months and we had a couple of dropped adoptions. We had several matches and several fell through. That simply tells you how much you are in the unknown of it. Adoption is so fluid and once you become a part of it and once it’s you’re life, it’s a lifestyle. It’s different for everyone. You cannot possibly prepare one way or the other. You just have to learn that you are not in charge and you’re not in control and you’ve just got to flow with it.”- What was the emotional toll on those dropped adoptions? Did they get easier as they went? “No, not at all. In fact, the one right before Ophelia, which was just a week and a half before we actually had Ophelia, we traveled across country by car in the middle of the pandemic. We drove all the way to Kansas City, we rented out an Air b&b for a whole month and then while we were there, before the birth, the birth mother decided she would like to parent which is fantastic. We’re so happy for her but we were so heartbroken because obviously we went there in hopes of bringing home a child. And then one and a half weeks after we completely recovered and were flying across country again and 3 weeks later bringing home a baby.”